Hey if you see VALLOVA.COM/BILL or BILL.VALLOVA.COM in your statements and need help with what you ordered follow these steps:

All our payments are in USD, certain prices would be converted but final charges are in USD. 

Why did I not get a confirmation email? 

Sometimes customers mistype their email address or used a different email during purchase.

We also see some customers using other email providers such as Yahoo OR Hotmail and have seen problems receiving emails due to inbox full or a server error. Gmail shows no issues.

In this case contact us directly via email "" this way we can reply directly.

Are there any subscriptions? 

No we do not offer any paid subscriptions and if you do get any emails about unsubscribing those are for email marketing updates only. 

Why did I get duplicate charged?

There is no way for us to charge a transaction again, if you see a duplicate transaction this is your bank/card company electronically posting and pending transactions at the same time, please wait a few business days and you will see the final transaction.

Why did I get charged twice for different prices?

There is no way for us to charge a transaction again, if you got charged again after another purchase you bought a post-purchase item again, most likely for a discounted offer. Please contact us or check your email confirmation for order total.

Still need assistance? Please contact us directly at this way there is no errors or typos in the email using the contact form.